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Please watch gugure! kokkuri-san


Animemashita - Gugure! Kokkuri-san with Hirohashi Ryou & Ono Daisuke

Question: When did you guys first meet each other?

Ono Daisuke: I wonder how many years was that now.
(Meeting for the first time)

Hirohashi Ryou: I don’t really remember actually.

Ono Daisuke: First it was…eh? The first time meeting together?!

Hirohashi Ryou: But you know…

Ono Daisuke: I thought it was “Working!!” at first.
(their first meeting)

Hirohashi Ryou: That’s right! That’s what you thought at first. That the first time we got acquainted and worked together regularly was during “Working!!” but… We also worked on Pandora Hearts…

Ono Daisuke: Ah!

Hirohashi Ryou: As well there was also “Clannad” too.

Ono Daisuke: Ah!

Hirohashi Ryou: I researched it up real well.

Ono Daisuke: Transcending, Hirohashi-san.

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